The golden rule for our business is put ourself in Customer’s place
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The golden rule for our business is put ourself in Customer’s place
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The golden rule for our business is put ourself in Customer’s place
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Who Are We

Meta Daya Indonesia

As a renewable energy company, MEDINA’s identity is deeply rooted in our dedication to creating a sustainable and environmentally responsible energy future. Here is a detailed description of who we are:

META DAYA INDONESIA (MEDINA) is a national energy company which in carrying out its business, MEDINA also provides procurement, supply, and services with excellent financial management capabilities. We provide electricity to PLN and trade a broad spectrum of spare parts & equipment in the industrial market and have strong partnerships with the best shops, vendors, and suppliers.
In the energy sector, we specialize in providing electricity sourced from renewable energy.


Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

Our core mission is to lead the global transition to clean and renewable energy sources, driving the shift away from fossil fuels and mitigating the impacts of climate change. We are committed to providing accessible, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions for a brighter, greener tomorrow especially in Indonesia


Our vision is a world where clean and renewable energy powers every aspect of life, fostering a planet where people and the environment thrive harmoniously. We envision a future where renewable energy is abundant, affordable, and accessible to all.

Core Values

Product & Services

"The Company always focus to Continual Improvement"




Skilled Labor Supply



Professionalism is not just a set of rules; it's a mindset and a commitment to upholding high standards of behavior and performance in all aspects of a company's operations. Professionalism on MEDINA is a something that should be cultivated from the top down, starting with company leadership, and permeate throughout the organization. MEDINA believe when they are embodies professionalism, it will tend to earn the trust and respect of its stakeholders, which can lead to long-term success.


For MEDINA A proper partnership among shareholders, stakeholders, employees and company are recognizing that the success of a company is interconnected with the well-being and satisfaction of all these groups then these relationships should be managed effectively, it can lead to long-term sustainability, profitability, and positive contributions to society and the economy. Additionally, it can help mitigate conflicts and enhance the company's reputation, which can have a positive impact on its financial and operational performance.


Respect the nature of human beings and the business world in the framework of mutually beneficial schemes in building harmonious cooperation.


it's a fundamental aspect of MEDINA's identity and culture. It's about doing what is right, even when no one is watching, and it will be contributed significantly to a company's long-term success, reputation, and sustainability. MEDINA will prioritize integrity then to enjoy stronger relationships with stakeholders and are better equipped to navigate challenges and crises.